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Ultra Nutrition is part of the Ultra group which started with UWCB in 2009 and soon became Ultra Events, combining UWCB, Ultra MMA, Ultra Ballroom, Ultra Comedy and Ultra Adventures.

Ultra Events organised their first boxing event in 2009 which gave birth to an explosion of white collar boxing events in the UK. Ultra Events have organised events in every town and city in the UK as well as expanding events to Australia and Poland with plans to expand to the USA. Ultra Events no organise an average of 450 events a year with over 17,000 participants.

Ultra Events have always raised money for charity. The company director, Jon Leonard, has been a volunteer for Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life events since 2009 and this is what inspired the decision in 2013 to form a partnership. Since then, all events raise money for Cancer Research UK and over £22million has been raised making Ultra Events Cancer Research UK’s biggest fundraiser.

In 2016, Ultra Events consisted of only white collar boxing events and they raised £774,000 in one month. This inspired the target of raising £1million in just one month for Cancer Research UK. The only way to do this was to diversify which led to the creation of Ultra MMA, Ultra Ballroom, Ultra Comedy and Ultra Adventures. Since 2016, Ultra Events are getting closer and closer to hitting £1million raised in a single month and they aim to achieve it in 2021. This partnership and this target is the reason why we have the option to give a £1 donation to Cancer Research UK at the Ultra Nutrition basket.

Ultra Events raising money for charity

The Ultra Events concept is:

  • Participants receive 8 weeks of free training
  • All participants train together as a group at a local gym
  • At the end of the 8 weeks Ultra Events host an incredible, glamorous event.
UWCB participants cheering Ultra Ballroom dancers Crowd applauding at an Ultra Event Top fundraiser getting her top fundraiser bag

Total Raised for Cancer Research UK

£22 Million

Participants 40,032
Donations 878,248
Events 2,305

Ultra Events is successful because it gets people fit, off their sofa and into the gym. This is where Ultra Nutrition comes in. Nutrition is such a huge element of being fit and over the years Ultra have always provided over 60,000 participants with advice in the last 10 years.

Ultra Nutrition came from wanted to help Ultra Events participants get fit and healthy through nutrition. Simple nutritional advice added to their 8 weeks training regime would result in people getting super fit, super healthy and having a truly life changing experience.

We wanted to develop products that would help anyone, from people who are already fit to people that had never exercised and didn’t know anything about nutrition. We wanted to solve the problem of eating well to be fit and healthy and fitting it in around a busy lifestyle.

We kept hearing the same reasons from people as to why they couldn’t eat well so we developed the following products specifically to help people overcome these issues:

To make this process as easy as possible for people who are new to nutrition, or to people looking for some inspiration we wanted to make our website and informative as possible. That’s why we added the following features:

Macro Calculator

It’s simple and easy to use, you just put in your details and it will give you a guide to how many calories you should eat and how much protein you should have a day which is based on your own body and weight goals.

Try it now

Meal Ideas

This is full of meal ideas that are simple and easy to make, they are healthy and they taste amazing! It’s broken up until breakfasts, main meals and snacks and gives you a calorie intake for each meal. This makes it really easy for you to work out how many macros you need a day and then create a meal plan to fit into those calories.

There is also great ways to incorporate Ultra Protein or Ultra Complete into baking or other meals so you can get creative!

Find some recipies

We are incredibly proud of Ultra Nutrition and our supplements are simple and effective and they work to help you become fitter and healthier.